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Adult Services

Individual, group, or family treatment through talking with a professional to build strategies to live a happier and healthier life. 

Treatment, education, and support for the administration of psychiatric medications.

Integration of services into the community to build support and opportunities in our every day environments.

Crisis, assistance, and placement services to assist those at risk of, or currently experiencing houselessness.

Therapy Services

Therapy is a term for treating mental health problems by talking with a psychologist, social worker, counselor, or other mental health provider. You learn about your condition, your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

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Community Based Services

Services designed to build natural supports in environments that may be more comfortable, familiar, and/or accessible to you, your loved one, client, or family member. These services can involve interaction with someone with lived experience of the mental health system who can offer understanding and guidance to assist you in living more independently and healthfully.

Medical Services

The purpose of medication services is to provide those children and adults with symptoms best managed with - psychiatric medication the highest quality care that will best support their recovery or maintenance of their functioning and to support living in the least restrictive and most satisfying environment.

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Housing Services

The Bert Nash Center has a growing number of services throughout our community that intend to reach people where they are to prevent houselessness when possible, provide stable housing when needed, and offer support and services to those experiencing homelessness.


About the Bert Nash Center

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Services for Children & Young Adults

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Client Resources

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