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Case Management

Case Management at the BNC

Case management is a service that involves engagement with an individual to learn how to access resources, develop skills to manage symptoms, and help individuals to live independently within the community.

The Role of a Case Manager is to:


Rather than Direct


Not Enable


Rather than Do

What Kinds of Things Does a Case Manager Do?

  • A case manager can assist in connection to resources (i.e. food, clothing, healthcare) in the community and attend appointments with you.

  • A case manager can help you coordinate and schedule medication visits, assist in obtaining your medications, and teach you how to take your medications as prescribed.

  • A case manager can connect you to housing resources to aid you in your housing search.

Image by Prateek Katyal

Case Management Is:

  • Goal directed

  • Face-to-face service

  • Provided in the community

  • Focused on sustainability

  • Skill development

  • Connection to resources

  • Education and teaching

  • Advocating for services

  • Development of natural supports

  • Coordinates emergency services

  • Coordinates services with other providers

Case Management Isn't:

  • A therapist

  • A friend, mover, cleaner, taxi driver

  • A person to do it for you, if you can do it yourself

  • Someone to hang out with, have lunch with

  • A personal assistant

  • Doing the work for the individual

  • Someone to run your errands

  • Advice giver

  • Solely transportation

Image by Kenny Eliason

What is Your Role with Your Case Manager?

  • Actively engage in the service by being ready, on time, and attending all scheduled appointments

  • Work with your case manager to develop treatment plan goals specific to case management services

  • Allow up to 24 hours for a return call after leaving a message, as your case manager is working with multiple clients

  • Give a 48-hour notice when cancelling​

  • Do the work with your case manager and use appropriate behaviors at all times

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