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Your Care

Thank you for choosing the Bert Nash Center as your behavioral health care provider.

We are committed to working with you and delivering complete and affordable services in an atmosphere that is sensitive to your personal values and beliefs.


We are glad that you have chosen to come to the Bert Nash Center for services! We believe trust is the heart of the health profession. Laws that govern professional ethics define how we provide services to you, but in addition to these guidelines, we believe in working with you as partners in your care, working together in mutual respect and good faith.

The Client Handbook

This handbook is your guide to understanding your rights and responsibilities as a client of the Bert Nash Center. Please read the information carefully and save this guide for questions and concerns you may have in the future. 


As a BNC client, you may have a medical records request or need to release public health information. The Medical Records Request button and form make a formal request for your records and the Authorization for Release button leads to a form where you can authorize the release of those records. If you no longer want BNC to release information, the Revocation of Authorization button leads to a form that allows you to revoke the release of information.


These forms will electronically submit to the Work Queue for the Health Information Management Team.  We process requests timely and, in the order, received.


Securefax: 888-972-5022.

HIM voicemail line: 785-330-8130


NOTE: The forms need to be completed and signed by the client and/or legal guardian only. A photo ID is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

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