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The Building Bert Nash Society

The Building Bert Nash Society is a multi-year giving society to recognize individuals and businesses that pledge a significant gift of at least $1,000 a year for five years toward our ongoing operations. 

Each level is a commitment to give the dollar amount annually for five years. 

The Building Bert Nash Society fosters a strong foundation for expanding our programs, removing financial barriers for clients & providing a stable future for the Bert Nash Center. This kind of investment is making a deep and lasting difference for our community members who are seeking mental health supports.

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Join the Society

Pledges like these allow for reliability, dependability, and sustainability in an incredible volatile funding atmosphere.
Image by Hannah Busing

Update an Existing Pledge

Make adjustments to your existing pledge as a member of the Building Bert Nash Society.

We donate to Bert Nash because quality, accessible mental health care is essential to the overall health of our community.

Justin & Loree

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