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Longtime Bert Nash Center supporter to receive Lyn Smith Award

Cindy Maude

Until becoming a member of the Bert Nash Center Governing Board in 2010, Cindy Maude didn’t know a lot about the Center or its range of programming.


“At that time, I knew what Bert Nash was, but I didn’t know the breadth of services,” Cindy said.


But once she got involved, she dived in. Cindy served on the Governing Board until 2017. She has also served as a member of the Finance Committee as well as the Building Bert Nash Society, which recognizes community members and businesses that pledge a multi-year investment that goes toward ongoing Bert Nash Center operations.


For her years of involvement with the Center, Cindy was chosen as this year’s recipient of the Lyn Smith Award, which recognizes an individual for exceptional service to the Bert Nash Center and its mission. The award will be presented at the annual Pioneer Celebration on April 29 at Venue 1235.


In her nomination letter, Tina Rosenthal, former chair of the Governing Board, said, “For as long as I have been volunteering at Bert Nash, Cindy Maude has been an integral part of the volunteer program at the Center. Cindy has served in various roles on the sustainable funding team, the Finance Committee and hiring committee. She has hosted many Discover Bert Nash tours and has been a table captain at several Celebrate Bert Nash events. She really has done it all.”


Cindy was surprised when she was notified of the award by Bert Nash Center CEO Patrick Schmitz.


“I love Bert Nash. I have supported it and been a part of it, but I didn’t feel like I had done anything to deserve this award. I was shocked when Patrick called me,” Cindy said.  It’s a very special honor.”


Cindy is retired but spent her career working in advertising and marketing. She was inducted into the Kansas Business Hall of Fame in 2018.


Even though she no longer serves on the Bert Nash Center Governing Board, Cindy’s support of the Center remains as strong as ever.


“Every family is touched by mental health issues, certainly mine has been. It’s all around and it affects all of us,” Cindy said. “That’s why I think Bert Nash is so critical and so important. I don’t think people in our community know half of what Bert Nash does.”


There are many issues the Bert Nash Center is involved in that are near and dear to Cindy, including houselessness, LGBTQIA+, and the WRAP (Wellness, Resources, Access and Prevention) program. She’s also excited about plans for a Youth Recovery Center.


“There are so many Bert Nash programs that I love,” Cindy said. “There’s something so special to be associated with Bert Nash and to get this honor, it means a lot to me.”













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