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TRC staff celebrates one year of restoring lives

The staff at the Treatment & Recovery Center (TRC) of Douglas County today celebrated the facility’s first birthday.


On April 10, 2023, the TRC began a much-anticipated phased opening. Then on May 25, 2023, the TRC’s Observation and Stabilization units became operational, and the facility was fully open. Since that time, the TRC, located at 1000 West Second St., has been open 24/7. 


“I’m so proud of the staff,” said Bri Harmon-Moore, who was named director of the TRC on Sept. 24. “The staff at the TRC are some of the most amazing people.” 


Bri started out as TRC program manager in September 2022, more than six months before the facility was opened. Now there are more than 100 team members on staff at the TRC. 


As the TRC website says, it is the place where our community members come to begin their behavioral health or substance use recovery journey, whether they’re simply seeking a life change, or find themselves in crisis and need help now.


The TRC provides a safe environment for people to seek the help they need when they need it. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No appointments necessary.


In 2023, the TRC provided crisis services for 1,861 episodes resulting in care provided to 1,074 individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.


The TRC is part of the community's crisis continuum of care, which includes multiple behavioral healthcare partners as well as the Bert Nash Center’s Mobile Response Team, the Douglas County Crisis Line, and the proposed Youth Recovery Center, which is in the planning stages with the goal to open in 2026.


The TRC is the first in the state to offer this new crisis intervention model and has been described as groundbreaking and innovative.

“All the partnerships involved in this project have shown that collaboration among local colleagues is the best way to create lasting healthcare outcomes in our community,” Bert Nash Center CEO Patrick Schmitz said the day the TRC opened.

Thank you, TRC team, for all you do for our fellow community members!



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