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“I’m so glad we reached out”

If you see a soccer ball being kicked around at the Bert Nash Center, it could be that a therapy session is going on.

Kate & Marc White

Marc and Kate White’s son Brock loves soccer. So sometimes he and his therapist Greg Seuferling will kick the ball around while they are talking.

“Greg has a way of connecting with Brock,” Marc said. “I have goosebumps just thinking about it. What he has done for Brock in a short time is great. That is why we wanted to go Bert Nash.”

Brock has been diagnosed with ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. His parents and teachers noticed he was a high-energy kid at a very early age.

“He kept getting in trouble first in daycare and then at school, we were continuously being asked to get him evaluated,” Marc said.

“When we had him tested the first time, they said there’s nothing wrong; he’s just high energy,” Kate said. “But we kind of thought ADHD could be in the future because he was all over the place.”

Brock was diagnosed with ADHD when he was in first grade. Medication was discussed but the Whites were reluctant.

“We tried to learn as much as we could about ADHD through reading books; we sought out help to better our parenting skills instead of medicating him,” Kate said.

After a blow-up at school, the Whites decided to try medication for Brock. “Medication has made a huge difference,” Kate said.

The Whites looked into Bert Nash back in 2020 but there was a waiting list, due in part to the demand for services during the height of the Covid pandemic.

Brock was the one who actually asked his parents if he could talk to someone.

“He brought it up,” Kate said. “That’s when we went to Bert Nash the first time but there was a wait.”

So, the Whites continued to do what they had been doing for Brock.

In 2022, the Whites were getting a lot of calls from the school principal and his teacher about Brock’s behavior. Brock again asked if he could talk to someone. This time, the Whites were able to get Brock in to see Bert Nash Center Child and Family Services therapist Greg without a wait.

“We tried to do it by ourselves, and we weren’t successful. We came to Bert Nash because we knew the reputation,” Kate said. “It has helped him so much.”

Learning about ADHD has been eye-opening for the Whites. They have learned a lot along the way.

“Having a child with ADHD has been a journey, not only for him but for us,” Marc said.

“We felt very judged as parents for his behavior, and that hurt,” Kate said. “It has been very tough, but luckily there have been parents who have been there, who do understand.”

Brock and Greg meet about every two weeks.

“Brock gets something out of every session,” Marc said. “Greg has given Brock some tools that he can use. With Brock’s willingness to go to therapy, we’ve started seeing a therapist ourselves for different reasons. I really wish the stigma of mental health was not as negative as I perceive it to be. That’s why a lot of people don’t reach out. I’m so glad we reached out and, wow, what a great community resource Bert Nash is.”


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