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Meet Kyra, Our WRAP Therapist At Baldwin Junior High School.

Kyra is second-generation Bert Nash Center team member and was recruited position by family and friends who are now also co-workers. Kyra is experienced and highly skilled in a variety of interpersonal impact and healing arts. As a Certified Behavioral Health Technician, she has training in behavior modification and in supportive counseling. The Bert Nash Center is fortunate to count her as part of our team.

At Baldwin Junior High School, Kyra built relationships immediately with our community partners in her district, receiving high praise from her school administrators right off the bat. Within her school setting, Kyra jumped right in, co-facilitating the organization and establishment of new procedures to help get her school team started on the right footing.

As the first day of school arrived, Kyra was hanging inspirational signs on her office walls in efforts to create a feeling of comfort for anyone entering. She stepped back to see how it turned out, and saw her principal in her doorway, asking to introduce her to a student and their parent.

“We are glad this kiddo can be here and get the school year started off right. But they’re having a tough morning, so I was hoping you could check in with them,’” the principal asked.

Kyra smiled and said, “Of course.”

Kyra’s first session as a WRAP therapist turned out to be a safety assessment, including a suicide screen and safety plan. The student had been suffering with severe anxiety that the beginning of the school year had heightened — an increasingly common theme for WRAP and the community adjusting through continual change as schools have evolved through the pandemic.

Kyra was able to involve the parent in safety planning. Once the family was set for safety, Kyra facilitated a conversation about needs and accommodations for the student with school administration. Later, the assistant principal told Kyra’s supervisor that the relationship Kyra was able to develop with the parent was essential in the school being able to provide care and services the student needs.

Thank you, Kyra, for your part in coordinating this pathway for this student’s success!


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