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New Program Helps Break Down Barriers, Care For Whole Person

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

There can be many barriers to someone getting help.

Dr. Nana Dadson, BNC Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Nana Dadson, BNC Chief Medical Officer

Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center is continually working to remove those obstacles.

The Center’s new Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program will help remove barriers for those struggling with substance use disorders, including opioids and prescription drugs.

“We have been treating our patients with alcohol use disorders for years,” said Dr. Nana Dadson, Bert Nash Center Chief Medical Officer. “But because of our CCBHC certification and our CARF accreditation, we have made it into a formal service where we’re using FDA-approved medications for treatment of alcohol and opioid use disorders.”

Thus, the MAT program was launched.

“We haven’t been known historically to treat substance use disorders at Bert Nash,” Dr. Dadson said. “We want to remove that barrier. With formalized medication treatments for opioid and alcohol use disorders, we want to let our community know we are offering this and we welcome patients struggling with these conditions.”

In the past year, the Bert Nash Center earned two lofty designations. The Center became a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic and achieved national accreditation through CARF — the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

“We’re focusing on taking care of the whole person, that’s an emphasis of the CCBHC certification and the CARF accreditation,” Dr. Dadson said. “We won’t just be giving medication. We’re also making sure the person’s mental health is taken care of, their physical health is taken care of, as well as treating the substance use disorder.”

The MAT program will function in collaboration with other healthcare partners in the community.

“There are other agencies in the community that also work with people who have substance use disorders,” Dr. Dadson said. “But as the community mental health center, this is another way we can partner with them. There’s room for all of us.”


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