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New Senior Director Of Innovation & Implementation

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

As the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center begins the process of becoming a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC), Marsha Page-White will be the point person leading the Center through that transition.

Page-White, senior director of Innovation & Implementation

Since joining the Bert Nash Center team three years ago, Marsha has served as the director of Adult Services. With the Center beginning the process of implementing the CCBHC model, Marsha’s focus will change.

And so will her position. Effective immediately, Marsha’s new title will be senior director of Innovation and Implementation. The Center will begin the process of hiring a new Adult Services director.

“I am really excited to be in this new role,” Marsha said. “It’s a great opportunity, and I am thrilled to be named to the position.”

In April 2021, Gov. Laura Kelly signed a bill establishing a new CCBHC model for providing behavioral health services in Kansas. The signing made Kansas the first state to pass legislation adopting the CCBHC model. Eventually, it is expected that all 26 community mental health centers in the state, such as the Bert Nash Center, will make the transition to the CCBHC model.

“The Bert Nash Center is excited to be moving toward certification as a CCBHC,” said CEO Patrick Schmitz. “In leading this certification process, Marsha will be responsible in bringing about a fundamental change to the structure of care delivery that the Bert Nash Center provides for our community. Marsha’s experience, talents and knowledge are uniquely suited for this role, and we couldn’t be more pleased in her acceptance of this new position.”

The CCBHC model is “new way of organizing care delivery around the individual served,” Patrick said. “Its focus is on integration, allowing clients to get care in a truly integrated fashion.”

Marsha added, “This change will be better for our clients, better for our community, and a better way for us to provide services and get people access to care when they need it.”


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