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School Principal Shares How WRAP Impacts Students

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Principal Jayci Roberson is proud of her Woodlawn Elementary team. That team includes WRAP specialist Cam Cameron.

Jayci Roberson, Woodlawn Elementary Principal

“Cam is an exceptional and valued member of our team,” Jayci said. “Our Riverhawks come to school with unique needs, and WRAP allows an unparalleled continuity of care. It is truly a gift that we can give our students.

WRAP is an in-school mental health program and a collaborative partnership between the Bert Nash Center and Douglas County schools.

For the Bert Nash Centers’ annual Pioneer Celebration, Jayci gave some examples of how WRAP impacts students. The Pioneer Celebration will be held today at 5:30 at the Arterra Event Gallery.

  • Students look for and are excited when Cam is at Woodlawn. From being in the lunchroom making connections to taking walks around the front lawn, students love their time connecting with WRAP.

  • Our WRAP worker is an integral part of our Mental Health Team. We meet weekly to discuss the critical and crisis needs of our students and families. Cam is a direct line to Bert Nash that can provide a clinical perspective during discussion. The team is better equipped to meet the needs of all students and families with WRAP present.

  • Impact story: Woodlawn has a student that has been in and out of foster care, incarcerated parents and working to reintegrate. WRAP has been an integral piece of the puzzle for this family, a trusted adult at school for this student, and continuity of care of the school. This student comes to school and asks to talk to Cam when the weekend was tough to have a walk and speak to process their feelings and situation. The WRAP program at Woodlawn directly impacts our most needy students and families.

All the staff at Woodlawn would like to thank Bert Nash and the WRAP program for their continued advocacy for the community partnership with Lawrence Public Schools. We cannot do our job as well without the clinical support of our WRAP work. Thank you!


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