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Director Named For New Addiction Services Program

Ashley Countryman has been involved with addiction services since her college days at Corner House Inc., in Emporia, including the past 14 years with DCCCA, where she has been clinical coordinator.

Ashley Countryman, director of Addiction Services

She will continue that work in her new role as director of Addiction Services for the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center. Ashley, who is also a Mental Health First Aid trainer, begins her new duties April 25.

“It’s an amazing opportunity, because it’s very rare to create something from the ground up,” Ashley said of her role at the Bert Nash Center, which is a new position.

“It’s an exciting time to work in Douglas County, because of all the things Bert Nash is involved in, and I want to be a part of that. With all the different projects that are going on, to create a new addiction services program, it’s really exciting.”

Marsha Page-White, Bert Nash Center director of Innovation and Implementation, said, Ashley, with her experience in addiction services, is perfect to help build a new program.

“Bert Nash is very excited to have Ashley take the lead in integrating and weaving addiction services into our agency in a way that makes sense for the population that we serve,” Marsha said. “Ashley’s expertise will assist us in training our staff to get better at recognizing, diagnosing, and treating clients who may experience a dual diagnosis. Bert Nash is fortunate to gain someone with Ashley’s knowledge and experience in Douglas County.”

During her time at DCCCA, which is a close community partner with the Bert Nash Center, Ashley regularly worked with staff from the Center. DCCCA offers behavioral health prevention programs and treatment. Ashley is excited to bring her passion for addiction services to this new role at the Bert Nash Center.

“Addiction work is in my blood, I love it,” Ashley said. “Working with people who are so resilient, helping them reach their goals, getting their life back on track as they see it. It’s very rewarding work. I always feel honored to be part of someone’s journey.”


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