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For Beverly, Bert Nash Center Has Been There When She Needed It The Most

Beverly has been receiving case management services from the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center off and on since 1996.

“You can’t deal with an abusive situation by yourself,” Beverly said. “Case management worked for me.”

But that is changing.

“I’m getting weaned off,” Beverly said.

It was her decision.

“This is all her idea,” said her Bert Nash Center case manager Diane. “Beverly approached me and said, ‘I need to try to do this without you.’ She’s been involved with Bert Nash since her kids were born, and the Bert Nash Center and other agencies helped her raise her family.”

Beverly’s oldest is now 26.

“Everything I needed help with before doesn’t exist,” Beverly said. “There’s no more abuse, there’s no more trauma. I lived in survival mode for so long. It wasn’t easy.”

Bert Nash Center case managers were there for Beverly when she needed it the most.

“I was living in an abusive situation,” Beverly said. “I needed something sane to hold onto, so that I could survive.”

Her case managers helped her to do that.

“You can’t deal with an abusive situation by yourself,” she said. “Case management worked for me. I got to be around another adult. Since I’m a mom of four children, seeing my case manager every week gave me a chance to breathe and feel like an adult. I would get a break from being a mom for a little while.”

Her children received therapy services at the Bert Nash Center. Beverly tried therapy but it wasn’t for her.

“It’s a whole new world for me,” Beverly said. “But a good one.”

“Beverly was just trying to get through the day,” her case manager Diane said.

“Therapy is not for everybody.”

Beverly moved into her own place in August last year, which has been a game-changer. It’s become her refuge.

“When you’re in an abusive situation, you’re always in survival mode,” she said.

“It takes a lot to switch gears, to realize you’re no longer in danger.”

Beverly used to meet with her case manager once a week. But they’ve started meeting monthly just to check in.

“She’s flying out of the nest,” her case manager Diane said. “You want to work toward that.” “It’s a whole new world for me,” Beverly said. “But a good one.”


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